Grade 3Q – Ms. Lori Qian


About Mrs. Qian:

I have a passion for learning and teaching, which is why I have been a part of this important profession for almost 20 years. I am a bit unique in my experience, in that I have taught in all 3 divisions at AISG—elementary, middle, and high school. Prior to joining the AISG faculty, I taught in colleges and universities in the US, in another elementary school in China, and have served in numerous leadership and administrative positions within the educational context.

I am married to William and we are the proud parents of three wonderful children, Abraham, Annabelle, and Alex. We all greatly enjoy being a part of the AISG community and we are grateful for the chance to live in this dynamic city. Our family loves to travel, cook, go bike riding, and simply hang out together. We are active in our local church community, in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and many other community-based activities here in Guangzhou.

As for personal hobbies, I enjoy writing, staying in touch with friends around the world, scrap-booking, and reading great books. Although I’m not a talented runner, I do enjoy challenging myself, and I have completed 3 half-marathons since moving to China—in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Fujian.

I’m glad to be a part of the AISG community! Click here to visit 3Q class blog.